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White Whale and the Pilot Fish

There lived a white and adventurous Whale in the Realm of Seas. Neither did this Whale look like its mother nor its father. Perhaps it resembled its great-grandfather. It was so gigantic, majestic and brave that all the other Whales looked upon it with appreciation. Other Whales weren't as strong as this one.

Pirates had been whaling for a long while. Because of that, once thriving and crowded Whale family has now been greatly reduced in number. They have become terrified of breaching so as to breathe. In the Whale family, effort is made so that each individual is raised to be able to fend for themselves. Each of the Whales would receive an important task when they come of age and do their best to accomplish it. And now because of this pirate calamity, pirate-related tasks were all there was. But of course, tasks given to adolescent and young Whales would be less treacherous than that of adult and stronger ones. So it was until those times. But when the White Whale matured, the Whales gathered round and gave the most difficult task ever given to the White Whale. It was supposed to find the Iron Isle, which was the hideout of the pirates. Upon hearing this, the White Whale got afraid, mad and angry. It asked how they could expect it to undertake such a difficult and dangerous task but the great Whales pointed out its great size and told it that none other was as smart, agile, brave and strong as the White Whale. The White Whale, brave as they come, were nonetheless terrified of being alone. And the task required it to be alone for a long time, because as though there were other Whales that could lend a flipper, they all were supposed to swim in different directions. The White Whale bid farewell to its family and friends, spent its last night before departing restlessly. It was afraid not of the pirates, but of loneliness and could not sleep.

The next morning, it left early. It swam towards oceans and seas it had never known before. Although it was gigantic and white it escaped quickly and hid very well. Whenever pirates would attack it, it defended itself fairly well. Pirate ships awaited in ambush and the White Whale breached mightily and capsized their ships. It swallowed some pirates whole with its great maw and listened to them speak while in its belly. It tracked the pirates carefully, gathered clues and information regarding where the mysterious hideout of the pirates could be. It spent the days busy with this task. But when night would fall, it would sing and wail "Lonely I am, oh such lonely I am" and would feel sad. One day it heard someone accompany its song. It was a tiny Pilot Fish. The White Whale made friends with the Pilot Fish. It taught the Pilot Fish how to fight and when to hide. The Pilot Fish was itsy-bitsy and while the White Whale showed it all of its dangerous moves, it stuck very close to the Whale.

When they completed all of their dangerous tasks, they would swim among the kelps and sing under the moonlight. They dreamt together about days to come, where there were no pirates anymore. They told each other about their dreams. They snuggled together in cold days. That's how the days went by. Until they found out about the pirate hideout. The White Whale planned its attack, in league with various Sharks and Octopuses and other Whales, the White Whale would shake and destroy the foundations of iron hideout, and would also shred pirate ships into pieces. Meanwhile, Sharks and Octopuses would fight back against charging pirates. The White Whale told the Pilot fish to stay away while the attack took place, but the Pilot Fish said it couldn't keep away. "But you should leave" said the White Whale. "I can't, I can't go away from you, please don't tell me to go away", said the Pilot Fish. And then they attacked together. It was an arduous battle. Pirates were wounded, just as Whales, Sharks and Octopuses did. But in the end, the Whales managed to topple the iron hideout, which cut and destroyed Whales, but one of the pirates could hop into a submarine and started to launch harpoons at the White Whale. Other Whales and fish also helped the White Whale, and it got away from some of the attacks, but at some point the Pilot Fish was injured. Right at that moment the White Whale was also injured and they both started to fall. They passed out while their eyes met, fallen far from each other.

The White Whale found out that they got rid of all of the pirates. The White Whale then went back to its family and friends. Its heroism and courage were always told. It found out that the Pilot Fish also survived but just like the White Whale, the Pilot Fish was wounded and left scarred. It was told that it was also afraid of Whales now. Now that the seas and oceans were safe, Whale families went on long journeys. In those long journeys the White Whale would always be with other Whales but would still feel lonely and would think about the days it spent with the Pilot Fish and feel sorry. Now, just as they dreamt of, they could freely travel in days where there were no pirates. But the White Whale would say, "Oh how I wish I had at my side the Pilot Fish." Its heart was aching and the vibrations of its sorrowful lament would be heard. The lament of the White Whale was so deep and so full of ache that all the seashells recorded this lament. So that whenever a child would put one on their ears, they could hear this sad song. At another part of the world the Pilot Fish led on its life happily and peacefully. It would look at its wound and remember the White Whale as it looked at it.

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