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The Mysterious Map and Four Siblings

In a far away land lived four siblings who sometimes got along well and sometimes quarreled with each other. They lived in a small town where beautiful and lovely houses with gardens filled with flowers. Neighbours called the parents of these siblings angry giants, although they loved the children very much, they wouldn't see their parents, because people were afraid of angry giants. Sometimes even the siblings would be afraid of their parents, who always frowned, were very tall and shouted when they talked.

One day, while they were going through the chest their grandmother had gifted them, one of the siblings found a map. Along with this colourful, mysterious map was a compass. The eldest of the siblings, Hiccups, read the map because only she knew how to read. The map showed the home of their grandparents and they could reach there if they alway kept the compass close. To reach there, they would first need to pass through the mysterious forest, then pass through the distant tunnel of horrors and finally go through the pass upon the top of Mount Paramount. They were always supposed to keep the compass close. That night, they got so excited that they placed the map on their bed and dreamed lots of dreams until the morning. Meanwhile they prepared their little bags and charged the batteries of their little battery-cars.

They got up as soon as the Sun rose next morning, went directly to their giant parents' room to tell them they'll set off. They poked at them and called out. But the children were fairly tiny and their giant parents were too big. Maybe that's why the giant parents didn't hear them. So the children decided to set off.

They got on their battery-cars. They loaded their things, too. Then they started their cars and set off. They were very excited to make such a journey on their own for the first time in their lives. They were full of thrill. They rode slowly, and got into the mysterious forest from where the compass showed them. While riding through the grassy path among great trees, they started to see giant frogs in the woods. According to the map, there would be a marsh just ahead. It was necessary to be careful around the marsh. While they were moving right towards where the compass showed them, they suddenly realized that giant frogs blocked their path and were looking straight at them. The children were afraid of the frogs, they swerved right, left, but couldn't move on a bit. Just as they were about to squeeze through they realized they got to the bank of the marsh. As the wheels of their cars turned, they kept sinking into the marsh.

They tried and tried but the more they did, the more they sank. As they sank, they held each other and cried but just at that moment, the second eldest, Nerve, came up with an idea. "Hiccups, you get off and push the car, when the car gets out, we'll throw you a rope and get you out", he said. Hiccups did as told, Nerve punched it, Hiccups pushed, and the little siblings Lazy and Crazy hugged each other. When the car got out, they all pulled the rope around Hiccups' waist. So she got out as well. Although they got all muddy, they went ahead towards where the compass showed and got out of the marsh. They went on and on and finally got to safe meadows. There, when the Sun was up, they changed their clothes, dried up and ate their food that they brought with them. Then they continued.

They went far and wide and finally reached the tunnel of horrors. It was required to pass this tunnel without making a single noise. If they were to make a noise, terrible monsters would wake up and come to snatch them. When they entered the dark tunnels, other than the headlights of their battery-cars, the compass had started to glow and showed them the way. But because they knew they were in the tunnel of horrors they were afraid and began to cry. Lazy and Crazy saw a dangling spider web and shrieked as they thought it was a monster. And when they shrieked all the monsters woke up. The exit of the tunnels were 50 meters away. Hiccups hugged Lazy and Crazy and held Nerve's hand tightly, and Nerve stepped on the pedal all the way down. Horrifying Monsters chased after them but when they got out of the Tunnel of Horrors, the monsters stayed back as they were terrified of light.

The siblings went on their way. They climbed and climbed the paths going up the Mount Paramount and arrived at the pass just as it wrote on the map. It was fairly impossible for them to turn around their cars and go back. But the pass also wouldn't give way. The stone gate that closed the pass looked like a face and when it saw the siblings it said,

"Little, little children

Big, big troubles,

Tiny, tiny hearts,

Giant, giant worries

They shall not pass, they who have secrets!"

And then it was silent. The siblings knocked and knocked at the gate but the gate said the same things as before and would not open up. It was getting dark and the children started to feel cold on the heights of Mount Paramount. They set up a tent they brought along by the gate and cuddled together inside. Hiccups and Nerve had a heated argument on what to do but they fell asleep as they could find no solution. Lazy and Crazy already fell asleep as the others were arguing. Lazy and Crazy woke up the earliest and got out of the tent. An idea came to them while asleep. Lazy went to one ear of the gate, and Crazy went to the other ear and started to tell all their little secrets. They weren't much of a secret, what they told, actually. They were just some things their giant parents told them not to tell anybody back at home. For some reason the gate was satisfied and opened its huge mouth.

Lazy and Crazy immediately called for Hiccups and Nerve and told them what just happened. Then Hiccups and Nerve told every little thing they thought of that they shouldn't tell of, and then the mouth of the pass opened up completely, the children quickly packed up and got on their battery-cars to cross the pass.

When they crossed the pass, the foothills were filled with light and there was an immense rainbow. They went down to the plains, sometimes driving above the clouds, sometimes inside them, and right where the compass showed their grandparents awaited them. A great and warm table was set for them and the garden and also the house was teeming with toy gifts full of surprise. The siblings were never afraid anymore after that day, they always felt safe and warm. And all together they wrote letters to their giant, angry parents.

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