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Black Boy

Once upon a time there lived a Black Boy, in a land far far away. The Black Boy's hair was black, his cheeks were crimson, and his skin was white as milk. They called him Black because of the hair that came out of his head like a brush.

Black was a very tall, broad-shouldered, very strong young man. He had a mind as sharp as a steel trap. His eyes were extremely sharp and he had a disastrous imagination.

He was very enthusiastic and hardworking. He tried to finish every job he was given with success. It immediately became obvious that he was the best among his peers, but he couldn't be as good as he wished. Not to mention that he didn't like his own success. For example, if he entered a tournament and showed success, he would immediately get upset, thinking that he could have done better. Let's say he was be the best, just as he wanted, a disaster that would come as a setback and he would not be as successful as he deserves.

One day, when he was working hard again, he sat on a rock. As he was sitting there, he heard a song. The song sounded so familiar and known that the black boy was all ears. He looked around a little to see who was singing the song, he could see nobody. When he looked a little more carefully, he realized that his shadow falling on the ground in the midday sun was singing this beautiful song. He called out in amazement: "Are you talking?". The shadow answered with the same amazement: "Do you hear me!". So he was able to chat with his shadow for the first time. The shadow said to him, "I'm getting so bored with our life. I want to get into hurricanes, fly with clouds!". The Black Boy said blankly: "Hurricanes scare me, no way! With all the work to do?!“. Shadow said in a rather grumpy voice, "I thought you were doing these soulless things since you haven't heard me until now, I would trip you up! Don't push me any harder, I'll cause more trouble!" The Black Boy answered angrily: "Was it you who caused the setbacks until this time?!". He got up nervously and started to fight, fought with the shadow, realized that it was futile to fight, then turned around and started walking. He grumbled as he walked. And finally he got home. The shadow never answered him again. Anyway, the Black Boy never asked him any questions. He didn't even look at his shadow again.

The Black Boy was determined to do the work given to him with his heart and soul. However, since that conversation, accidents and mishaps was increasing. If the he rode horse and played javelin, either the Black Boy would fall from the horse or the horse would tip over. If he was eager to shoot an arrow, he would shoot other places, not the target, because the arrow tues early or late. Finally, one day before an important tournament, Black Boy stopped all the work he was doing and spent all his energy and time preparing for the tournament. He worked for days and nights. He didn't meet with anybody or spend time. After all, a long time had passed. And he didn't have an accident in a long time. Finally, the day of the tournament came.

He started shooting arrows first, there was no problem. He came first. Then he had to follow the trail, he came first again. For the next one he hunted, and he caught the biggest one again. He was very surprised that everything went so well. Then he had to run. He ran up a high mountain. He was the one who went the fastest again, if he would go like this, he would be the first, he would finally win the medal. That was his right. He was turning around a very sharp bend, and he looked at the clouds that surrounded the mountain he was climbing, and he was scared, and maybe that's why there was no one around because a giant hurricane was approaching. And suddenly his shadow jumped over him and they jumped off the cliff next to the bend into the blowing hurricane. He clung to his shadow for a moment as he fell in fear, and that's when they realized that they hadn't fallen to the ground in the hurricane. They were swaying here and there like a feather tossed in the wind. The shadow laughed like a madman and raised his arms. That's when the wind and the hurricane moved up. And when he brought it down, they moved down. So they realized that they had the power to control the wind. When he realized this, the Black Boy's anger also cooled down. They enthusiastically directed the hurricane and the wind.

Together with his shadow, he managed the currents of the waters, inflated the sail of the sails. They drove the rain clouds into the wastelands. They compiled clouds when the sun was too hot, so that October crops would not burn. In some blows, flowers set seeds, in some blows, living things smelled the spring and their in their mouth. The wings of birds got swollen, abundance and plentifulness are spread. They became good friends by doing such important things day and night. They stood in solidarity with each other, and their power spread from language to language. People, animals, plants, insects have thanked them. It is still said that thanks to the Black Boy and the Shadow, winds that carry abundance, fertility, joy, enthusiasm and excitement blow. Even in the Black Sea, sometimes when the Sun is not visible, the Black Boy and his shadow are called out. Live happily ever after Black Boy and the Shadow, and when the fog around here gets too heavy, come and lift it up!

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