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The Bouncy Elf and The Grumpy Queen

Once Upon a time, there was a grumpy queen who had married an enormous green toad. The Queen was so grumpy, so grumpy, that she couldn't get along with anyone. She only had one white horse. The queen rode that horse all the time. She rarely returned to her country, she liked to travel in the mountains, deserts, beaches, forests, but most of all she liked to travel in abandoned villages at the foothills of the mountains. The Queen's belly was getting bigger and bigger, and although everyone told her she might be pregnant, she didn't believe anyone.

One fine day, she was walking at the foothills of a great mountain again. She had a pain shot through her belly. It was so severe that she couldn't go on horseback. So she rode her horse to an abandoned house. She opened the door to the house slightly and entered. Although she denied it until that day, she knew she was giving birth. In that abandoned house, The Grumpy Queen gave birth all alone.

There was a bouncy elf living in that abandoned house. He was a naughty naughty bouncy elf. As soon as he heard the Queen's screams as she was giving birth, he came to look after her. He brought her water and towels. He stood by her during the birth and entertained her. The bouncy elf had never watched a birth before. So he was very afraid. He felt pity that the Queen was hurt. He liked the princess who was as cute as a button and who came into the world soon after.

The queen wrapped the princess baby in a swaddle brought by the bouncy elf and sent word to the palace with her horse. She wanted them to take her baby and herself. She breastfed her baby a little while waiting for them to arrive and fell asleep from exhaustion. And the bouncing elf was waiting for the baby and looking after it. In his lengthy life, he had never seen anything so beautiful. Soon, the voices of horsemen were heard around. The bouncy elf became scared again. He wanted to run and hide, but he realized that he would always want to see the princess again. Then he muttered a spell, shrunk, and turned into a brown mole. Then he bounced and clung to the Princess's shoulder. So that wherever the princess went, the genie would go with her.

Although the Queen told everyone about what happened to her and the bouncy elf who helped her, no one believed, and they thought that she had puerperal fever. The princess had grown over time. She became a beautiful, sweet and smart girl. His mother, the Queen, was very grumpy priorly, very rebellious, but she raised her daughter to be good mannered. The princess loved to ride, just like her mother. But she was never allowed to go away, to leave the palace, to do outbursts or misbehave. And every time he had the opportunity, the elf bounced off the Princess's shoulder and made the Princess laugh and entertain. No one knew it was the bouncy elf who entertained the talking princess, who was constantly laughing in her room.

The princess always got scolded by her mother when she used some dirty words, had outbursts and misbehaviour that she learned from the elf. And her father, the enormous frog, laughed at these outbursts. The princess had a white horse with bushy hair, even more beautiful than her mother's, and in those days, her frog father held the biggest tournament ever to reward the mastery of riding. Many horse masters in their country would participate in this tournament. And her father, the King, would declare the winner as the future husband of the Princess.

This delightful and the most beautiful princess was not old enough to marry. Actually, if the princess was asked, she was the most talented horse master in the country. As if he had a gift from birth. And she also learned lessons from the best masters in the country. Everyone admired her when she rode. So she told her father the Frog King that she wanted to participate in the tournament. But her father wouldn't let her. She told her mother, and she said it would not be possible in no way and top it all of, she got angry. At that moment, the princess became cranky and let out a huge curse that she learned from the bouncy elf. His mother was pretty angry about it. She locked her in her room to so that the princess could understand what she did was wrong. And the princess got even more angry in her room. Just then the bouncy elf jumped out of the mole again. He looked at the peevish princess who was getting angry in the room. After that, as the princess was out the window watching what was going on at the tournament and getting upset, and the elf got mad at her. But he always had a misbehaviour in mind. And he said, "Come on, I got a solution!“. He dressed the Princess in a way that made her look like a clown, but she was such a clown that she had the boots and shoes she needed to ride a horse, and she had a colorful shirt on. He made her hair puffy and colorful and applied paint to her face. And then he showed her a secret passage in the Princess's room that he knew the location of. They hugged each other and made their way into a secret passageway that looked like a slide. The secret passage was indeed a slightly steep passage that slipped down from the high tower where the princess' room was located. They hugged each other tight, they were both scared and was laughing. They eventually fell on a straw cart in front of the gate. From there, they jumped and went to the stables. But on the side of the stables, there were many guards, so the Princess blew a whistle to summon her horse. The Princess's horse came out of the stables, overcame the guards, and reached next to the princess who was dressed as a clown and the elf. He got them on his back and they made their way to the tournament field.

At that time, the palace guards began to move towards the strange-looking elf and clown girl who was riding the Princess's horse. He pulled the slingshot out of one of his pockets. He pulled the gum out of his other pocket. He chewed the gum, and turned it into a balloon and put it on his slingshot. He said pee poo hop boom puh and spit the bubble of gum that he put on his slingshot into the face of the guards. And the Princess rode her horse expertly. Finally, they entered the tournament field. The guards did not enter the tournament area and waited until the princess and the bouncy elf finished all the stages of the difficult tournament. Everyone admired the skill of the two, and soon everyone began to applaud them. Like everyone who watched the tournament, the royal family and the decision council declared the princess and the bouncy elf first in admiration and surprise. But when the King landed at the tournament site to meet his future son-in-law, the Princess cleaned her face, and everyone, including The King, was surprised to see the Princess. The Princess leapt to the floor in front of the King with the bouncy elf. And the King leaned down to the floor in front of the princess and the bouncy elf saying, "Girl, you filled my chest with pride and surprised us all. Make your wish."

"Father, since I will rule the kingdom, Let me first travel, see, and learn. Keep our kingdom, which you promised me, as prosperous and peaceful as it is today, until I return. May my bouncy elf, which I've always told you about, and the one you've never seen, be my companion.“ she said. Her father agreed to these requests. He gave his daughter time to prepare for her journey.

A feast was held for the winner of the tournament, the Clown Princess and the bouncy elf for 40 days and 40 nights, and everyone in the country had fun seeing the bouncy elf, his funny clothes, curses and Jokes. On the 40th day clown princess and bouncy elf were sent off with joy on their journey. Up to the Great Oak Tree at the exit of the countries, the grumpy Queen accompanied her with her white horse and gave her daughter maps of all the places she had seen and noted that she had traveled until then. Just in case it would become useful for the princess. And then they lived happily ever after!

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