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Chained Woman

There was a land of islands once upon a time. Each of the warriors who grew up in the land of the Islands would become master sailors and seamen. The waters where the land of Islands is located were very dangerous and contained all kinds of sea creatures and monsters. Here in this country, on the highest part of a rocky island, the magnificent royal castle of the land of the isles was located. And the King and Queen of that country lived in that castle. They also had a young boy. And the young prince was very different from the brave sailors in the island country. He was very afraid of the waters and the seas.

The Queen understood this situation of the crown prince, but the King was extremely worried. At that time, it was necessary for the prince to go on sea expeditions with the King, to be trained on the seas, but because of his fear, the prince did not participate in training. The prince, a master warrior on land, could not board ships.

One day the King dressed up as a common man and went to the city for fun. He sat in a tavern and asked for the stew of the cook who cooks the most delicious dishes in that city. They also offered him delicious drinks. When he drank a little, he felt cheerful and started chatting with people in the tavern. The people who did not know the king, told him about the things that were going well in the city, but they also told him a lot of things that were not going well. The legend of the witch of the seas (it was believed that there was a witch who lived in the waters surrounding the island and kidnapped and swallowed sailors in that country) was still one of the most told stories. Then the topic was brought up and the King's fairness and justice were discussed. The king was very pleased with what he heard. And after a while, everyone made fun of the cowardly crown prince. They said that the king should give birth to another son, that this prince would never be a king worthy of the island. After hearing that, the King got very angry. He got up from where he was sitting angrily and walked towards the palace. He thought about it on the long road to the palace, his resentment did not pass, even gradually increased. His resentment was not against the people, but against his son, whom the Queen spoiled and raised timidly.

As soon as he entered the palace, he rained orders, announced that they would go on an emergency voyage. He rushed into his sleeping son's room and woke him up by shaking him. "It's been enough to wait so long, you're coming to voyage now!"

The Queen fell at the King's feet and begged him, telling him that their son was afraid of the water and he should not take him with them. He exclaimed that the sea was dangerous that night and that the full moon would wake up sea creatures. However, the King left the Queen begging on the floor and pulled his son's arm and dragged him away. The king boarded his own ship and placed the young prince on the newest and flashiest ship. In addition, the other ships of their navy were filled with soldiers and they sailed. There was a crazy joy in the soldiers. They were shouting that they would defeat the witch of the seas. The young Prince was very surprised that night and did not want to disappoint his father either. He wanted to apply everything he had learned until then, to make his father proud. He was also afraid of the seas and the witch of the seas, but his father was on the ship in front. He was surrounded by soldiers and told himself not to be afraid. He never thought about the thousands of creepy nightmares he had as a child. He didn't have a chance to think because he had never done any training on the ship until then, so he had to think and remember what he had to do when the wind blew or the wave put the ship down. He managed the ship with great skill. When they came to the open spaces, a giant octopus came out of the waters and overturned the ship's sail. The young Prince acted extremely quickly, gave orders to the soldiers and fired back and forth with harpoons into the arms of the giant octopus. The soldiers were being defeated in their fight with the octopus. It seemed that the octopus never ran out of power. However, the young prince tied the ropes from the spears he had stuck in the octopus to the ship's anchor and threw the anchor into the waters. The octopus was buried in the waters. All the soldiers admired these agile movements of the young Prince. However, just at that moment, a scream was heard. The king's ship was broken. All the soldiers have turned to save the King. They searched for the King among the broken parts of the ship and dived. The prince jumped into the waters in amazement and fear. He dived, looked around. At that moment, the place became quiet and the storm subsided. The octopus-shaped monsters coming out of the sea became invisible. The prince found his father's dead body entangled in a sail. He felt an indescribable pain in his heart.

The soldiers loaded the bodies of the King and the drowned soldiers onto the ship. The young Prince sat on the stern of the ship and watched the waters, where the first lights of the rickety rising sun began to illuminate. He was going to sit on the throne today, and he never imagined that the day he would sit on the throne would be so near and so painful. He sat for a long time. He looked, and at that moment he felt a stir in the waters. He looked at it carefully. He saw something moving, shimmering. He leaned into the water. He bent down a little more to understand what was happening. Just at that moment, something rising from the waters picked him up and pulled him under the waters. While he was trying to understand what it was, what pulled him, another and very sweet, full lips touched his lips. Meanwhile, something has changed in his body. There was a burning sensation right where his throat was, his hands and feet were itchy, butterflies were flying around in his stomach, and his eyes hurt. A moment later, when he opened his eyes under the water, he realized that he could see everything very clearly. A beautiful and attractive sea woman was standing opposite him, he was breathing very comfortably because he now had gills in his throat, his hands and feet were covered so that he could swim beautifully in the waters. He asked the woman opposite him who she was, and she replied, "I am the Queen of the Seas." And she held the young King's hands.

The young King seemed fascinated. The king was so fascinated that his country, the funeral of his mother and father came to him far away. When he was with the Queen, the pain of losing his father, which had hurt his heart and made it difficult for him to breathe, became bearable. It was like he was in another World, an eternal one. These vast seas, which frighten him very much, seemed extremely safe when he was with the Queen. His days passed far from pain and fear, full of love, full of curiosity. The Queen took the young King to her palace, put him to bed and asked him to live the prosperity and comfort of his country. She designed a big wedding so that everyone would hear about their love for each other. The young King thus became the King of the Undersea country.

As time passed, the Queen of the Seas began to have affairs far away and meet with the King less often. When the King wanted to accompany him on his business, she said to him, "You are afraid, you are afraid." and she didn't take him with her. And when the king asked her to stay with him longer, she said, "The Land of the Whole Seas is not easily managed." The king began to be alone longer and longer. It was so long that there were times when the King had not seen the Queen for months.

One of his long days alone like this, the King suddenly wondered about his mother and his country and wanted to return to the island. He escaped from the palace at night without telling anyone, swam alone to the shores of the island country and was never afraid. At night, under the moonlight, the seas were shining so beautifully that the King felt great excitement and happiness. When he came to the shore, he took his head out of the waters, it took him a while to get used to taking normal breaths, he became dizzy. And then he pulled his body out onto the water. When he went out of the water and started running towards his country, chains appeared from where there was a necklace, a crown, a ring that the Queen had given him, and they began to pull him towards the sea. The king fell and retreated to the waters. He stood up using his strength. However, the chains were too strong and pulled him towards the waters. He decamped between the waves to the cliffs and clung to what he could hold on to. The chains continued to drag him towards the sea, and at that moment a sea monster rose from the waters, pulled him with all his strength with chains, which hurt the King very much. The king, despite all his struggle, could not get rid of the chains and was dragged to the seas. As soon as he went under the water, the sea monster that looked like an octopus disappeared. He saw the Queen of the Seas opposite. The Queen looked extremely confused and upset. Tears were pouring out of her eyes like pearls.

"How did you leave me, why did you leave me?" she asked in sobs. The young King, seeing the tears, forgot both the chains and the monster of the seas and hugged the Queen tenderly. And the Queen wrapped the King up and took him back to their palace. He spent longer days with her, and they went for night walks, as in the old days.

At nightfall, when they were walking around the waters, they now saw ships moving around the surface of the waters with large lanterns. In the buzzing, the King seemed to hear his name being called. However, the Queen said that this sound was dangerous. To eliminate this dangerous spell, he called out to the sea monsters, and the monsters began to attack these ships with lanterns. She sent the King back to the palace so that nothing bad would happen to him.

One day in his rooms, in the palace, the King remembered the night when he rose from the waters and fled, and asked why she had sent the monster of the seas to him, and the chains. The Queen said that she loved the King very much, that the bond between them did not allow them to decouple from each other. She said the monster of the seas would never harm the King. She hugged the King with love and they slept. And the king asked no more.

With the increased number of the ships with lanterns, the Queen again told the King to stay in his room when the monsters of the seas began to roam around more and more, saying that leaving the palace could be dangerous. She herself began to go on voyages again to prevent these dangers and protect her country. She wasn't back for days and nights again. One day, the ships with lanterns came very close around the palace, and the King recognized his mother's voice in the buzzing of the sounds emitted by the ships. When he recognized the voice, he was impressed and he made a plan. He took a huge dagger from the Queen's war room. Wore a thin and durable armor. He came out of one of the palace windows unseen to the guards. At first, he went ahead by hiding around. He saw the Queen swimming towards the ship with the lantern emitting the sound he recognized. She started attacking ships on one of the sea monsters. When the ships sent their spears towards the Queen, the sea monsters smashed some of the ships with their octopus-like arms. The ship that fell into the sea captured the soldiers of the Queen and the soldiers and fed them to the monsters. And the ship from which the familiar hum came quickly receded.

The King recognized the ship's soldiers and the disintegrating ships. They were soldiers and ships of his own country. He thought that the familiar voice might also belong to his mother. He swam to the island country. When he came to shore, he took off all his jewelry before leaving the waters, but he couldn't take off the ring on his finger. This time, when he was getting out of the waters, the chain came out of his finger and started pulling. The king was very hurt, but he tried with all his might to get to the island. Meanwhile, one of the monsters of the seas came out again with all his majesty and tried to drag the King away. The king resisted, pulled out his dagger, but could not get close enough to harm the beast. At that time, the soldiers of the island country arrived and started shooting arrows at the monster. Nothing happened when the arrow touches the monster, the monster's skin was too thick. There were many other ships in the waters ahead, and when the King left the waters, the monsters of the seas began to attack other ships. A disastrous war was brewing between the island nation's navy and the seas, and many ships were decapitated. The king had never before remembered so many ships being damaged in a war. Meanwhile, the Queen came into the waters. When she raised her head from the waters, her beauty disappeared, and she ascended as a witch woman with a long chin, a pointed nose, an eerie and gigantic mouth with fluffy and fussy hair just as the people described. An ugly smell rose from her body in the way that a fish would emit. She called out to the King, "My darling!". Meanwhile, the King felt terrified and ran back. When he ran back, the sea monster pulled the King and dragged him by the finger on which the ring was attached and pulled him into the waters. And when the monster pulled again, his finger broke off with tremendous pain.

The Queen plunged into the waters after the King. In the water, the Queen looked extremely beautiful again. He approached the King and said, "Don't leave me, I'm afraid you won't come back if you leave." While the Queen was saying these words with her beautiful face, the King again felt in love with his Queen, but he heard the ships breaking up around him and his mother's voice. His severed finger hurt a lot, and he told the Queen, "Don't hurt my ships, my people, and me." The Queen said, "They disturb the peace of the seas! They should be punished!“ "But you're not like them." she added. Therefore, "You are the King of the Land of the Seas.“ she said. The king said, "I am also the King of the land of the islands." When another ship broke up, he called out to the soldiers of the sub-sea country and ordered them to stop the war. The soldiers, who were not used to receiving orders from the king, were surprised, but stopped. Even the sea monsters have stopped. And the Queen ordered, "Attack!" Then she went to the ship where the King's mother was, and when she rose from the waters, she again became a terrible looking witch. The king then shouted "Stop" to the Queen. He wanted not to harm his family, but the Queen ordered the monster to drag the King to the palace. After that, the King pulled out his dagger and killed the witch of the seas. When the witch of the seas was between the King's arms, the King ordered all the underwater people to return to their countries and said, "I am your King. I command you, the island country and the Kingdom of the Land of the Seas are one and the same, they are friends. You will not attack the island country." He also embraced the Witch of the Seas. All the monsters have returned to the palace and their country, along with the soldiers of the Undersea country. He buried the witch of the seas in a grave in the garden of his palace. While he was burying the witch, he buried the ring finger that was cut off when the monster pulled away, and took the pearl tears of the witch with him. After a little more time in the undersea country, he swam all the way to the island. He received the crown from his mother, who until that day ruled the island alone and was now very old. She told him everything she'd been through. He installed his throne in the magnificent hall of the palace overlooking the seas. He looked out at the sea every night and missed his Queen. And the days they spent together. And he was holding her Queen's pearl tears in his hands while feeling full of longing. Knowing that the witch of the seas and the Queen were the same woman and that she was dangerous never diminished his love for the Queen. From that day on, the King ruled both the island country and the land of the seas with dignity. He became more powerful than any other King, whenever he went on a voyage, both the undersea country and the fleet of ships accompanied him, and victory was always his. In the cold days of winter, he liked to wrap himself in black fur and travel under the seas. He lied there next to the Queen's grave and sometimes spent the winter months there. The people of both countries were happy forever and respected the unending pain of their Black King.

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